Recycling Association of Minnesota Event

Recycling Association of MN - Message in a Bottle

May 6, 2011 — Yesterday, the Minnesota Beverage Association had an opportunity to visit with the members of one of our partner organization, the Recycling Association of Minnesota (@recycleMN). MBA President Tim Wilkin, along with MPCA Commissioner Paul Aasen had a great opportunity to talk directly with those most active in making sure Minnesota’s curbside recycling and away from home recycling programs continue to thrive.

The Recycling Association of Minnesota has one of the strongest away from home recycling programs in the country their “Message in a Bottle” program which we have been a proud partner of over the years. You can see one of our “Message in a Bottle” bottles here with MBA President Tim Wilkin as he visits with active members of the recycling community about this important issue. Watch for further development of the “Message in a Bottle Program” throughout the remainder of this year. Please continue to follow MBA on Twitter at @mnbev for updates.