Calories Count Clear on Calories School Beverage Guidelines ABA: Less Waste Members of the Minnesota Beverage Association present a check to the Recycling Association of Minnesota to purchase recycling bins for their Message in a Bottle program for away-from-home recycling. City of St. Paul Accepts a Donation for Payne Maryland Project from the Minnesota Beverage Association and the American Beverage Foundation for a Healthy America will be used towards construction of the Payne Maryland walking track.

Minnesota Recycling Bin Program

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Redoubling Recycling...

star Click to view press release: Redoubling Recycling Efforts at Minnesota State Fair ...

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City Accepts Donation...

star Payne Maryland Press Release ...

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Unique Convenience...

star Read this article by Maggie Mattacolaon from the Recycling Association of Minnesota. ...

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Redoubling Recycling Efforts At Minnesota State Fair

Click to view press release: Redoubling Recycling Efforts at Minnesota State Fair

City Accepts Donation Check for Payne Maryland Project

Payne Maryland Press Release

Unique Convenience Store Recycling Program, Message in a Bottle™, to further expand in Twin Cities through innovative partnerships.

Read this article by Maggie Mattacolaon from the Recycling Association of Minnesota.

Recycling Association of Minnesota Event

Recycling Association of MN - Message in a Bottle

May 6, 2011 — Yesterday, the Minnesota Beverage Association had an opportunity to visit with the members of one of our partner organization, the Recycling Association of Minnesota (@recycleMN). MBA President Tim Wilkin, along with MPCA Commissioner Paul Aasen had a great opportunity to talk directly with those most active in making sure Minnesota’s curbside recycling and away from home recycling programs continue to thrive.

The Recycling Association of Minnesota has one of the strongest away from home recycling programs in the country their “Message in a Bottle” program which we have been a proud partner of over the years. You can see one of our “Message in a Bottle” bottles here with MBA President Tim Wilkin as he visits with active members of the recycling community about this important issue. Watch for further development of the “Message in a Bottle Program” throughout the remainder of this year. Please continue to follow MBA on Twitter at @mnbev for updates.

Clear on Calories

Calorie Information at Your Fingertips

Minnesota Beverage Association has partnered with ABA in an innovative “Clear on Calories” nutrition program.

America’s beverage companies are adding new labels to the front of every can, bottle and pack we produce – and displaying the total calories per container on beverages 20 ounces or smaller. This is all part of our Clear on Calories initiative, announced in February 2010 in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” anti-obesity campaign.

Consumers across America are seeing these labels arrive on the front of their favorite beverages, as Clear on Calories arrives in stores. This is yet another way that the beverage industry is helping consumers make informed choices as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Praise for Clear on Calories:

“In fact, just today, the nation’s largest beverage companies announced that they’ll be taking steps to provide clearly visible information about calories on the front of their products – as well as on vending machines and soda fountains. This is exactly the kind of vital information parents need to make good choices for their kids.”

-First Lady Michelle Obama, as noted in her speech announcing the launch of “Let’s Move!” (Feb. 9, 2010)

Please visit:–science/clear-on-calories/

Watch the new Ad at:

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